Despite its sizeable power, the EF3000iSE is whisper-quiet, producing noise levels ranging from 54.5 to a maximum of 61 dB – and because it’s mounted on four wheels, moving it around couldn’t be easier. The Smart Throttle / Economy Control feature automatically adjusts engine speed to match the load, for greater fuel efficiency and reduced engine wear.

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* Powered by Yamaha’s MZ175 engine; 171cc air-cooled (fan assisted)
OHV, 2-valve, 4-stroke, single cylinder engine with electronic transistor controlled ingnition.

* Super convenient key operated electric starting with manual recoil back-up.

* Cast iron cylinder liner provides excellent heat dissipation and extends service life.

* Pulse width modulation provides super clean power. As clean or cleaner than you get from a household receptacle.

* Rated AC output for continuous use is 2,800watts/23.3 amps.

* Floating neutral.


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