– Powered by Yamaha’s MZ50; 50cc, air-cooled OHV 2 valve, 4 stroke, single cylinder
engine with electronic transistor controlled ignition.

– Pulse width Modulation provides super “clean” power. As clean or cleaner than you get from a household receptacle.

– Rated AC output for continuous use is 900 watts/ 7.5 amps

– Floating neutral

– Exclusive dual coil alternator stator provides greater output at a lower engine rpm for reduced noise, improved fuel consumption, and reduced engine wear.

-Non-fuse type circuit breaker (NFB) prevents internal circuit damage in the even of an over load.

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At just 13kg, the EF1000is portable inverter generator is the lightest in its class. It’s highly efficient, running up to 12 hrs at 1/4 load on a single tank of fuel and creates clean power that can be used to operate products with microcomputers.


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