The new EF2200iST offers 2,200 watts of superior, confident power output and world-class Yamaha reliability for the RV, the job site, home backup, tailgating, or anywhere else you need clean, portable power.

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* The EF2200iST inverter generator boasts a rugged design with a powerful high-output yamaha mz80 engine.

* The EF2200iST is fitted with Yamaha quiet technology. its quiet operation allows you to have a conversation and not even relize its running (57-65 dBA)

* The EF2200iST offeres high power, sophisticated quiet technology, rich features and a rugged design. It weighs a mere 25kg (44lb) and with the tri- handled design is easy to transport.

* If you need more power, the EF2200iST has a convenient twin tech parallel function allowing you to connect two EF2200iST units together to prove 30 amps of rated power.

*A new design makes moving around the campsite or worksite a breeze with the tri-handle design. Designed for two people to easily move the unit.

* Starting and stopping the unit is made simple now with a Yamaha smart dial.


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